Saturday, March 16, 2013

Delita Hooks Slanders me

You want to slander me?

You want to call me crazy?   Look at your violent behavior in this YouTube.

Let me guess your first time?

I have donated my white blood cells for a little girl fighting non-Hodgkin lymphomas  Cancer and 28 year old Hispanic male in Newark Hospital with lymphoma -- call me crazy -- there weren't my family.

I got a speed bump for Anna Silver School and bathroom doors for the Women's Bathroom Tompkins Square Park and got to see a woman in a wheel chair use the handicap bathroom with assistance from a helper and CLOSE the door.  Have a basic human rights to dignity.

Call me crazy to fight for New Yorkers every day -- their very safety as I fight now to expose the corruption involving the 911 tech system and continue to demand a criminal investigation that John Liu called for last year.

I worked with Local 375 DC37 and we pressured Bloomberg to get 450 million dollars cash back from SAIC but I wanted way more and I am fighting to get more back and expose far more corruption SAIC CityTime scandal.

I fight every day for the People of NYC and I am in The New York Times a beautiful photo of me and Giuseppi Logan.  When he didn't have clothes to keep him warm and a coat socks etc I went out of my way to help him and reunited him with his youngest child and only child from his 2nd relationship. His son calls me an Angel.

I don't appreciate being violently assaulted and lied about slandered by a violent bully and coward who attacked me as I help my bags and phone.

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