Saturday, March 16, 2013

Delita Hooks Slanders me

You want to slander me?

You want to call me crazy?   Look at your violent behavior in this YouTube.

Let me guess your first time?

I have donated my white blood cells for a little girl fighting non-Hodgkin lymphomas  Cancer and 28 year old Hispanic male in Newark Hospital with lymphoma -- call me crazy -- there weren't my family.

I got a speed bump for Anna Silver School and bathroom doors for the Women's Bathroom Tompkins Square Park and got to see a woman in a wheel chair use the handicap bathroom with assistance from a helper and CLOSE the door.  Have a basic human rights to dignity.

Call me crazy to fight for New Yorkers every day -- their very safety as I fight now to expose the corruption involving the 911 tech system and continue to demand a criminal investigation that John Liu called for last year.

I worked with Local 375 DC37 and we pressured Bloomberg to get 450 million dollars cash back from SAIC but I wanted way more and I am fighting to get more back and expose far more corruption SAIC CityTime scandal.

I fight every day for the People of NYC and I am in The New York Times a beautiful photo of me and Giuseppi Logan.  When he didn't have clothes to keep him warm and a coat socks etc I went out of my way to help him and reunited him with his youngest child and only child from his 2nd relationship. His son calls me an Angel.

I don't appreciate being violently assaulted and lied about slandered by a violent bully and coward who attacked me as I help my bags and phone.

Delita Hooks Violated my Patient Rights MY BODY Violently Assaulting me and LIED About me including to the NYPD filing a false cross complaint another serious crime

5 and a 1/2 months later Internal Affairs have it and are supposedly investigating all the corrupt cops involved including the 2 NYPD Det from the first precinct that took her false cross complaint and never EVER even contacted me and Det. John Vergona who refused to meet me in person to see the blood in my eye and around my eye and defensive wounds.

Delita Hooks repeatedly provoked me with her rude, unprofessional, verbally violent behavior including yelling at me I have no rights and who did I think I am am to menacing me to stalking me to stand in front of me as I tried to exit violently giving me the finger.

That violent action provoked me to get out my video camera to document to show to the MDs and everyone because that is unprofessional and just wrong treatment.

She was told not to contact me but a serious of annoymous sock puppet account on her behalf have and some call me crazy but everyone who watches her violent behavior including throwing off her shoes, I believe one she threw at me think her actions crazy and violent.

Without surgery I would have gone blind as I stood there Delita Hooks' pinata.

I never put down my bags one very heavy on my left should and my left arm numb from 2 injections and in my right hand an iphone making her a coward and BULLY but the abusive Delita and her MD Andrew Fagelman blame me for her violently assaulting me.

Delita Hooks says get out.  I was out.  She could have closed the door but instead she uses the door knob for balance to start the assault by hitting my hand and the iphone smashing it to the floor.

She wanted my blood.  She had no interest in closing the door.

My MD Dr. Vine moved out with her partner two weeks later.

The yelp reviews describe Dr. Andrew Fagelman and Delita Hooks in unflattering terms and there are several warning to not go there.

There are so many but here is one.  There is another one that describes Delita berating the patient yelling at her.  Delita is not name but it is clearly her.  I have been told by 2 patients she is a bitch.  Several people have described her attitude problems.

If anyone has any knowledge of any info about her temper and attitude please contact me.

Andrew Fagelman was one of the worst doctors I have ever seen

Liza C wrote this review.   My video underscores her point.  

Dr. Fagelman did not fire Delita Hooks when she 

violated my patient rights and assaulted me.

Andrew Fagelman, MD  

Category: Internal Medicine
Neighborhood: SoHo
1.0 star rating
Andrew Fagelman was one of the worst doctors I have ever seen.  I do not have a regular doctor in the city yet, so when I came down with a pretty serious throat infection, I got on my insurance's website and did a search for a doctor and basically went down the list to see who could take me last min.  I was in a lot of pain and my tonsils were swollen to the point where my voice was extremely muffled when I talked and I was barely able to swallow.  The experience in his office was normal at first.  The ladies at the front desk were disorganized and not very professional, but that didn't bother me much. (it bothered her enough to mention it)   The nurse that took my vitals was nice enough.  But my complaint is with the doctor himself.  

First of all, the room where he examines patients also doubles as his office.  You walk in, on the left there is your normal examination bed/chair with the white paper over it.  To the right is a large desk, CEO wheely chair, complete with enormous computer and all the trimmings.  He encouraged me to set in a chair in front of the desk while he sat at the computer.  I felt like I had been called into my boss's office, and the level of respect was about the same.  

Then he proceeded to finish making a few calls, one to a man that he told his chlamydia test had come back positive.  Great, I need to sit in on that convo with a 102 fever feeling like I'm about to die.  Then while I was trying to tell him my symptoms he continued to type on his computer, answering emails, surfing the internet, who knows.  Just when I thought I might get his attention, when he was done with the calls and the computer, he pulled out his Blackberry and starts typing away on it.  

I doubt he heard anything I said.  Being a new patient I was trying to explain my past history of throat infections so he could evaluate my current condition more effectively.  But instead, he looks at my throat for 30 seconds, and then prescribes an antibiotic that turned out to do nothing, leaving me to be sick for over a week and end up in a ear, nose and throat specialist's office and almost the ER.  I could tell the ENT doctor was trying to be nice, but she clearly stated at one point that she had no idea why he would prescribe me with the medication that he did, that it is the least affective antibiotic for this sort of thing.  

WOW!  I will never return to see Dr. Fagelman again.  I don't recommend anyone else see him if they value their health.