Thursday, August 29, 2013

ASPCA Delita Hooks Would Have Arrested Delita Hooks if she Did that to a Dog at The Vets NYC 155 Spring St

ASPCA Delita Hooks Would Have Arrested Delita Hooks if she Did that to a Dog at The Vets NYC 155 Spring St

I have proof the NYPD coerced me to drop charges and IAB knew this and allowed Det John Vergona retire so now I have proof IAB involved in the crime by letting him retire rather than arresting him.

Coercing a victim of a violent crime to drop charges is a crime and I have this video, medical reports, photos before and after and proof Internal Affairs involved in criminal activity to fix this crime first and foremost by allowing Det John Vergona and his supervisor to retire.  

IAB was willing to participate in criminal behavior to protect the NYPD and corrupt cops including those that sealed Delita Hooks false cross complaint also a crime to protect the NYPD role in knowingly using a false cross complaint to threaten me with false arrest and after 4 days with a hole in my retina, my neck in a brace with MRI to document bulging and herniated disks in my cervical spine Det Vergona succeeded in his criminal activity to coerce me to drop charges to fix it for the MD's office and FYI the NYPD met with her my savage attacker and refused to meet with me to see the damage she did to my eye and body as I held 2 bags I heavy, and my Iphone and my arm numb 2 injections in my elbow. 

My lawsuits stats state over 1,000 reads....

The NYPD and IAB fixing this violent assault which goes black when Delita Hooks lands a running punch to my left eye making a hole in my retina has 15, 343 views as up 8:30 Monday night as I work on this post for tomorrow am.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Delita Hooks Violent Liar See Lawsuit NYPD IAB Violated Suzannah Troy's Rights as well as Dr Fagelman's "Delite"

Bloomberg's Tarnished Legacy Stop and Frisk The NY Post  Mike's Svelte Ass to Covering up 911 CityTime Bloomberg Legacy

Mike Bloomberg, Ray Kelly, Chief Campisi --- Mike Bloomberg says People have a right to walk down the street and not be mugged or killed,  how about medical care at Dr Andrew Fagemlan's where Delita Hooks savage attack left me with a hole in my retina, cervical damage and relief she didn't kill me but the NYPD and Internal Affairs helped her and the NYPD that fixed this violent crime including Det John COERCING me in to dropping charges also a crime get away with everything but murder.

Delita Hooks assault and a false cross complaint.
Det John Vergona --- coercion also a crime.

His co-workers and supervisors that were involved also guilty.

Mike Bloomberg and the NYPD under Kelly violated the most New Yorker's constitutional rights and fixed crime to sell the lie crime is down.  I am living proof.

2 New York Post reporters spoke to me about doing the story.  YouTube has over 15,280 views and no one is reporting this shocking story -- the most violent attack on a medical patient EVER in the history of NYC by a receptionist office manager and not news?  Why?

Because people like Sally Goldenberg writes Mike Bloomberg is svelte at a Obesity conference when she knows along with the rest of the NY Media I am standing outside yelling 2 billion 14 million dollars the 911 Tech system doesn't work,  we have no hospital St. Vincent's.

Sally Goldenberg said to me she would see me at City Hall when I testified about the 911 Tech Corruption and Mark Carson's death, that I am demanding an investigation in to his ambulance response time.    Do the math.  Sally and her bosses and all the media are treating me the way Delita Hooks, Dr Fagelman and the NYPD and IAB treated me and treat me -- like a Jew in Nazi Germany.

Shame on you all.  G-d sees all.   

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More news The NY Post is killing right now like NYPD Tapes a book on Adrian Schoolcraft and
NYPD corruption not news....NYPD Ramos and PBA NYPD fixing not news hasn't been 
for a long time, Mike Bloomberg, Christine Quinn and even Rose Gill Hearn's role in CityTime
and 911 not news....   Get the idea on why the NY Post won't report on me being violently assaulted
even though 2 reporters wanted to do the story.

PLEASE LISTEN TO THIS TAPE AND HEAR DEPUTY CHIEF MARINO FOR YOURSELF!!!!!!Listen to this and learn why the DA refused to put this in front of a grand jury -- because it was a sure indictment.

This interview AMAZING AND VERY DISTURBING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Listen to the part about down grading rape -- they even have on tape the NYPD raiding his home with SWAT team and tasers."

The Jodi Arias of medical reception desks -- the NYPD and IAB helped her get away with everything but murder.  To date I hear she still blames me.  The NYPD sealed her false cross complaint.  I am getting it unsealed and just got the number of her false cross complaint so now I can get her false criminal report that the NYPD fixed along with IAB and buried.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Dr Andrew Fagelman's violent lying Delita Hooks I just Got her False Cross Complaint Number!!!!!!

Dr Andrew Fagelman's violent lying Delita Hooks I just Got her False Cross Complaint Number!!!!!!

Dr Andrew Fagelman's 155 Spring Street NYPD Fixed it than IAB Fixed it.



just my sheer luck and guts I just got her false cross complaint number.   I will puke when I read her lies and slander.  I feel like a rape victim raped again..... Det John Vergona treated me like that joining in with all the evil abusers trying to fault me when NO ONE HAS A RIGHT TO HIT A MEDICAL PATIENT INCLUDING DELITA HOOKS.  SHE PUNCHED ME KICKED ME RIPPED MY HAIR AND PULLED IT ALL AS HARD AS SHE COULD AS I HELD ALL MY BAGS ONE HEAVY WITH AN IPAD IN IT ON MY SHOULDER AND MY IPHONE IN MY RIGHT HAND MY DOMINANT HAND SHE REPEATEDLY HIT ME AND THE NYPD FIXED IT!!!

Internal Affairs fixed it for the corrupt NYPD and all involved!!!!

 Even as I get more information like I feel like a forensic examiner at a crime scene - my own -- like Delita Hooks attempted to murder me with lies as well as blind me with a running punch, than grabbing my hair, wrenching my neck back to drag me down the hall but I successful used her momentum to get off me and on the floor...she would not let go of my hair further damaging my neck...which was in already hurting me from arthritis ---

Every bit of information/evidence I get on her, the NYPD involved in fixing it and Internal Affairs and Lt. Angnes fixing it for the corrupt NYPD I want to puke and feel ill.

There are good NYPD out there -- very few but they exist...I just got a reminder this morning.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Dr Fagelman Delita Hooks NYC's Most Violent Receptionist

watch a video on how not to treat customer  $430 medial visit punched in eye NYPD IAB fixed not fired

I call Delita Hooks the Jodi Arias of reception desks.  The NYPD and Internal Affairs helped her get away with everything but murder.  If you think your receptionist is awful jut be happy she has never come out from behind a long reception desk to make a hole in your clients retina and damaged your customer's neck and lie to the NYPD about it confident for some reason the NYPD would fix it!

 Strange huh!   Yup Internal Affairs and the NYPD acted like they get Viagra from Doctor Fagelman or something because everybody agrees you do not get to hit a medical patient EVER.  You don't punch a customer and her throwing her shoes a clue something is very wrong in Dr Fagelman's choice for a meeter and greeter at the front desk.

I was another MD's patient that shared the office with Dr Faglman but Dr Fagelman did not fire Delita Hooks who sits up front at a long closed off reception desk where there are no name plates or name tags identifying who is who and who works for whom and Dr Fagelman did not fire Delita Hooks when she came out from behind a long reception desk to menace another medical doctors patient violating her rights and her body repeatedly.

Dr. Vine demanded Dr Fagelman fire Delita Hooks but he refused.

Dr Fagelman says he he never met me.  She isn't my patient!  Well folks I was a patient and his violent receptionist office manager Delita Hooks, aka Delite aka Dee violated my patient rights and everyone who works in a shared medical office agrees to respect patient privacy and she had my name to give to the NYPD when she filed her false cross complaint and maybe some help from an NYPD patient friend of Dr Fagelman's?  I did not have her name!  She yelled at me I had no rights which started her violent rampage and than she got the NYPD and Internal Affairs to agree with her violating a series of my rights.   My rights were violated. My body violated and I was threatened by a corrupt cop knowingly using her false cross complaint as this video proves to drop the charges or face a weekend in jail with a hole in my retina -- Det John Vergona had told me he did not care if I had 2 black eyes -- if the NYPD asked me for rating on his customer service I would say F minus along with Delita Hooks.  He took over where she left off.

Delita Hooks made a hole in my retina from the running punch you see in the video.  After throwing her shoes one at me, her barefoot ended up pressed against my vaginal area after she began ripping out my hair as she attempted to drag me down the hall but I did defend myself getting her to the ground after she slapped my hand and phone twice and punched -- a very hard running punch to my eye.  

To make matters worse, since I did not know her name I called from the Police Precinct, The First Precinct and when I asked Dr Vine's receptionist for Delita Hooks name I was told all I know is her name is "Delite" which I thought was a cruel joke.

The NYPD and Internal Affairs fixed this violence and the NYPD coercing me against my will to drop the charges which was done a violent way via threats over the phone of jail for not dropping the charges by Det John Vergona who decided I had to wait 4 days to be false arrested to the Sabbath.  I asked him arrest the Jew on the Sabbath are you anti-Semitic and he refused to answer.

To know that Delita Hooks filled a false cross complaint (another serious crime the NYPD and Internal Affairs Bureau fixed for her) and lied and slandered me the victim a patient that went to get medical care and than the NYPD protected her from arrest for assault and for filing a false cross complaint and than sealed her false allegations and 2 NYPD involved were allowed to retired by Internal Affairs who said my allegations unfounded.

Watch the YouTube on how not to treat a customer and to learn how wrong a medical MD can behave along with how corrupt the NYPD and Internal Affairs are.

I may need a 2nd surgery to my eye to repair the damage to my eye Delita Hooks caused and my neck has lost even more range of motion, not to mention PTS and insomina.

Be proud you never slapped, punched, kicked and lied to the NYPD about your violent actions.

Be proud you are not part of the NYPD and Internal Affairs Division involved in fixing this violent crime!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Delita Hooks the Jodi Arias of Medical Reception Gets Help from IAB Lt, Agnes Closes Investigation into Det John Vergona Coercing me in to Dropping Charges

Internal Affairs Lt Anges Fixed Det John Vergona Coercing me saying I dropped the charges

The entire point of opening the investigation was the Det John Vergona coerced me in to dropping charges and guess what IAB kept telling me case is open and told Bill DeBlasio's rep the case is open and guess what the case is closed without EVER investigating it Lt. Anges of the Intergrity Bureau just stated that I dropped charges so case is closed.

I just learned Lt Anges closed the IAB case in to Det John Vergona Feb 13 and let Det John Vergona retired without Lt. Anges ever calling me to interview me so to date the NYPD detectives met with Dr Andrew Fagelman's violent receptionist Delita Hooks and not me.  Than IAB Sgt Decker gave me Lt. Anges name and said IAB will interview every body and instead IAB never interviewed me and Agnes closed the case like everyone is getting Viagra from Dr Fagelman and Deilta Hooks.

I am in shock, the NYPD and IAB treated me with bias and like I was a Jew in early stages Nazi Germany and IAB fixed this case.  I was told this case was still open but they closed it without EVER interviewing me and Det Vergona and Det Dwyer sealed Delita Hooks false cross complaint a crime along with fixing her violently assaulting me and than IAB covered up for them as well!

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Delita Hooks Front Page Lawsuit NYPD fixed Dr. Fagelman's Violent Assault of Patient Suzannah Troy

Delita Hooks is a violent liar who works at the reception desk for Dr Andrew Fagelman along with other receptionists all that do not wear any identifying name tags.

Delita Hooks threatened me with bodily harm stating she was going to slap the crap out of me.

Read below for link and see her name front page of lawsuit against NYPD and Internal Affairs.
The IAB case is still open 10 months after the assault so if and when IAB finds an ounce of integrity or with a new police commissioner and new IAB head down the road Delita Hooks will get arrested for assault and false cross complaint and the NYPD involved punished.
Lawsuit with Adrian Schoolcraft's old lawyers.

My lawsuit against NYPD and IAB over 400 views on scribd

FYI I was the victim of a violent crime at Dr. Andrew Fagelman's fixed by corrupt NYPD.  Read the lawsuit watch the YouTube...

The NYPD and IAB so corrupt I understand now by people do not bother with the NYPD and why they get guns and knives.
Delita Hooks is a violent liar protected by Dr. Andrew Fagelman and so far corrupt NYPD and in my opinion IAB who could have arrested her for assault and a false cross complaint as well as began displining NYPD involved but nothing except stonewalling.

I am not getting a gun or a knife but the far lawsuits against NYPD and IAB are filed and posted on scribed.

Schoolcraft lawsuit vs comp stat nypd

from thepolipit, 2442 views

Also note from Suzannah B. Troy:  The NYPD Ramos Trial starts in September along with the Adrian Schoolcraft trial..

If you look at my lawsuit front page
the NYPD fixed Dr Andrew Fagelman,
155 Spring St, Dr Fagelman's violent receptionist/office manager Delita Hooks assaulting me as well as protected her false cross complaint even preventing me from reporting Delita Hooks filed a false cross complaint which like Adrian Schoolcraft I recorded NYPD officers turning me away --

NYPD stats are like a Las Vegas Casino the fix is in.

Suzannah B. Troy

Reminder as far as Internal Affairs is concerned NYPD PBA fixing only goes on in the Bronx.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Dr. Andrew Fagelman employs Delita Hooks NYC USA's Most Violent Receptionist?

NYC USA's Most Violent Medical Receptionist Dr. Andrew Fagelman's Delita Hooks?

NYC United States of America the most violent medical receptionist office manager attempts to beat the crap out of another medical doctor's patient

The fall-out continues after I went to get $430 worth of medical care to get a cyst removed from my elbow and with my arm numb from 2 injections and holding 2 bags on my shoulder and my Iphone in my right hand I was punched, my hair and earring ripped out and Delita Hooks repeatedly tried to kick me in the groin and she was not fired or arrested like the NYPD get viagra from Dr. Fagelman....????

NYC United States of America the most violent medical receptionist office manager attempts to beat the crap out of another medical doctor's patient....Watch the YouTube that got an adult rating after 12,500 views.

Don't you love how Mike Bloomberg says guns are the problem?   NYC may have the most violent medical receptionist in the entire country and that would be Dr. Andrew Fagelman's Delite who blames the victim and Dr. Fagelman clearly agrees because he did not fire her!

I was violently assaulted at Dr. Andrew Fagelman's by his violent lying receptionist Delita Hooks and since than I barely sleep and the fibroid tumors have grown along with worsening symptoms... Trying to get care for that worsening problem and the eye Delita Hooks damaged is being monitored and have worse neck damage thanks to dr fagelman's violent receptionist attacking me after she provoked me to start filming her after she gave me the finger and she did a lot more before I started filming acting unprofessional violating my rights.

I had to get eye surgery or go blind from Delita Hooks running punch to my eye.

In my opinion she and her employer so evil along with the NYPD that fixed this violent crime they blame me the patient and there is nothing a patient either fagelman's or in my case Dr. Vine's patients who shared the offices but moved out after Delita Hooks who may be the most violent receptionist office manager in NYC and the entire USA.