Monday, December 19, 2016

Dr Andrew Fagelman New Bad Review Staff Rude, Office Dirty, Patient Called A Liar?

Dr Fagelman Assault

Also is Dr Andrew Fagleman and pals yet again manipulating yelp trying to counter act the previous negative  interviews still time a Google review where the gentleman states he and his wife were treated like animals by the staff and puts down an internist... surprise to surprise there is a yelp review now praising the Intern -- the account has 1 review only.

Delita Hooks before her savage attack accused me of leaving trash in the waiting room after she yelled at me I have no rights so reading Mason Clark on the dirty filthy mess of Dr Andrew Fagelman  is ironic and THAT HE IS CALLED A LIAR when Dr Andrew Fagelman and Delita Hooks are liars as far as my case  and all involved in lying to the NYPD during an open investigation committed crimes !   That is right even if the NYPD detectives are lying in police reports breaking laws if you lie to the NYPD during an open investigation you have committed a crime and if Dr Andrew Fagelman was party to all that and coercion he is committed crimes as well as the NYPD that were party to coercion, lying in police reports etc.

Mason Clark
a week ago

Went to see him twice and both times issues. Over all: the offices are dirty, staff is rude, and does not listen to patients needs.

I went to Dr. Fagelman from very trusted friends recommendations. I've found the experience very unsatisfying. When you google his Dr. Fagelman's name the first thing you see is one of his office staff fist fighting in the office. I looked past that. When I went offices are very dirty. trash on floor, walls dirty with black marks in the waiting room and in the patient rooms.

First visit I went for a physical. He had a PA student come in to ask me questions, learn my medical history while doing the prep work. When Dr. Fagelman came into the room PA student recited almost everything wrong from what I told him. Said I was an only child, when I told him I was the youngest of three, and other mistakes on family illnesses that are important.

The second time when I went in since I was sick with Strep throat. I told Dr. Fagelman himself my situation and how in the past the symptoms I was having was strep. He did not listen to any of that. Said we would do a rapid strep test and a throat swab. Told me it was just heart burn and would not be anything else. Waited almost two weeks for the results. Finally when I did get a call. it was 5 minutes before they closed and then the office was closed. Had to wait 2 days to get a medicine. Then when I called to check on if it was sent or not, I was told it was sent when the office was closed and was called a liar that it was not sent the same day since I called that day.

Delita Hooks filed a false cross complaint

she lied to the NYPD during an open

investigation ---

I paid the City to get her report -- so I filed

top -- look at the bottom for what the

NYPD employee wrote Delita Hooks said

and Delita Hooks admits she knew

I was a patient and the rest are lies

filed 2 days after me with I allege

Dr Andrew Fagelman's full knowledge.

A private investigator asked him did you speak to the 


He replied no comment

Clearly he has a lot to hide and who in the NYPD did he 

speak to?

Did he and the NYPD discuss threatening me to make 

drop charges against my will.