Thursday, September 12, 2013

Delita Hooks The Most Violent Medical Receptionist Office Manager NYC USA

Delita Hooks savagely attacked me a medical patient and than lied not knowing I had the video.  She now knows and continues to lie saying I said something which is no true.  She is a violent liar as this video proves and it explains why the corrupt NYPD involved in fixing this violent crime for her rushed so seal her false cross complaint which is also a crime.

So why has she yet to be arrested and the NYPD involved have not been punished?

Watch the video and ask why wasn't she arrested?  Why did the NYPD met with my violent lying attacker but repeatedly refused to meet with me to see the bleeding to my eye, damage to my neck and defensive wounds to my eye.  Everyone agrees that this violent crime was fixed and everyone says what a story and agrees shocking because it happened at a doctor's office.

Did Dr Andrew Fagelman call 1800 NYPD IAB PBA fix it?
Dr Andrew Fagelman  did not fire her and the NYPD helped him.
Her behavior is indefensible and it was before I started filming.

She provoked me to walk back down the hall  to the examining room to get my MD's help but she was already in with another patient.  I asked her assistant why is she following me?

I had not idea who worked for whom as no one wore name tags and the office is very odd with no name plates at the long closed off front desk from where she came to menace me and stalk me later trying to beat the crap out of me and Delita Hooks tried to drag me down the hall by my hair to the elevator after her running punch to my eye which caused the camera to shut off.

Why didn't Dr Andrew Fagelman fire her and the NYPD this violent crime.  Why does Internal Affairs and the NYPD act like they get viagra or something from Dr Fagelman?  Dr Fagelman's Jodie Arias of medical reception desks got away with everything but murder.

The NYPD sealed her false cross complaint along with their own crime coercing me to drop charges and she and the NYPD have yet to be arrested.   They also in my opinion are involved in witness tampering.

Delita Hooks could not have gotten away with this at Starbucks or at a Vet's office.  The ASPCA would have arrested her for punching a dog but the NYPD broke the law coercing me to drop charges and the NYPD and IAB all thought they could get away with it.  This legal document below must be a bit inconvenient.

On the front page of my lawsuit you see this --- the tale of Two Cities....

Bill De Blasio got that right and The NY Times, the NYDN, The NY Post coming out today even The Wall St Journal pretending St Vincent's Hospital turned in to Rudin Condos played no role in Quinn's entire district just like the same papers not covering the savage attack shows you the media is part of the tale of 2 Cities.

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Click on it and see The NY Post's article on DOT commissioner getting special treatment by the NYPD and FYI an honest cop sick of NYPD corruption fixing and favors had to have been the source vs my quote on NYPD fixing stats / crime like a Las Vegas Casino.

If you have any info on Dr Andrew Fagelman and Delita Hooks please let me know.

I have already learned about one nurse practicioner who asked to be re-assigned.

My MD and her partner and their staff moved out 2 weeks after I was savagely attacked.

please contact me in you have information and are willing to come forward -- I know most People do no want to but if you are a rare person that has courage to contact me with your real name and will help me please contact me with the email below. Thank you...