Thursday, December 31, 2015

Another Bad review Delita Hooks and Dr Andrew Fagelman?

Delita HOoks violent liar

Alan Hsu
a year ago

Terrible. The doctor and dentist appointments are both horribly overbooked. The front desk staff is unfriendly.

There was a registration computer in the lobby which was totally insecure. While filling out my information it was auto completing all the previous patients names and social security numbers!

The doctor spent all of 1 minute with me and was clearly in a rush to leave.
I later accidentally scheduled a dentist appointment with the same group. The dentist was trying to juggle 4 procedures at once. I had to sit in the chair and listen to her crappy dance music while waiting to finish her other appointments.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Cy Vance NYPD Wrong My Case, #NBA Thabo, DA Intern, GS, Did Joe Tacopina use sock puppet THREATEN to bury me called me CUNT and First Precinct Det squad Ray Kelly Defended series of threats to me and DA involved in THREATENING ME TOO?

ADA Joan Illuzzi couldn't hide her horror at Delita Hooks attack of me and she said they should not be discussing me with patients.  I contacted her because I alleged a medical patient of Dr Fagelman's was harassing me.

ADA Joan Illuzzi offered me services -- I don't know what the services she was offering were because I knew she was a corrupt ADA but I posted an audio of her lying to me but she does offer me services...interesting huh?  I have more audios -- she wasn't the only ADA I spoke with...