Sunday, July 7, 2013

Delita Hooks "What is Delita Hooks"

what is delita hooks?

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It's Saturday night in downtown Kingston and we're sipping cocktails in the Carreras Sky Bar at Saint International's South Beach-chic Mecca CityStyle event — a part of Styleweek Jamaica 2013. The charming, confident and über-stylish Delita Hooks — a Jamaican-born fashion stylist and office - read more
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View Delita Hooks's professional profile on LinkedIn. Delita Hooks office manager at soho health ny Location New York, New York (Greater New York City Area) Industry - read more
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Wow after 9 months of in my opinion cyber stalking aka in my opinion cyber stalking, aggravated harassment and witness tampering on behalf of Delita Hooks using sock puppet accounts the newest a YouTube account "Ben Romano" created just to attack, slander and harass me on behalf of Delita Hooks as if she had any justification to violently attack me I find a place to post a comment and with my name vs Delita Hook's gang's sock puppet accounts so many over 9 months I can't keep track.

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    pending   and watch this video:  how is tourism in Jamaica? The Jamaica Observer has cocktails with the subject of a news story?  So who paid for the cock tails?   Without eye surgery I would have gone blind from Delita Hooks violent assault and battery of me a patient who an MD who shared the office with Dr. Fagelman her boss who did not fire her.  Delita Hooks was not shy about lying to the NYPD going in to the First Precinct and filing a false cross complaint as the video proves which is also a serious crime.  Internal Affairs has the case now and it is now 9 months since Delita Hooks assaulted me but the nameless reporter who has drinks with Delita Hooks didn't bother to google Deilta Hooks and do some research on the 40 year old Jodi Arias of medical reception desks -- yes Delita Hooks right up front at a long closed off reception desk so she had to come a long way to menace me, stalk me, interfere with me trying to get help from my MD after she provoked me to get help and finally provoked me to start filming.  She could have closed the door if she didn't want to be filmed but instead she wanted my blood and she seriously damaged my eye and neck but the NYPD fixed this crime and why?  Why is IAB taking so long and by the way who paid for Delita Hooks cocktails because I wonder about medical ethics as much as the Jamaica Observer's.

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