Sunday, August 4, 2013

Delita Hooks Front Page Lawsuit NYPD fixed Dr. Fagelman's Violent Assault of Patient Suzannah Troy

Delita Hooks is a violent liar who works at the reception desk for Dr Andrew Fagelman along with other receptionists all that do not wear any identifying name tags.

Delita Hooks threatened me with bodily harm stating she was going to slap the crap out of me.

Read below for link and see her name front page of lawsuit against NYPD and Internal Affairs.
The IAB case is still open 10 months after the assault so if and when IAB finds an ounce of integrity or with a new police commissioner and new IAB head down the road Delita Hooks will get arrested for assault and false cross complaint and the NYPD involved punished.
Lawsuit with Adrian Schoolcraft's old lawyers.

My lawsuit against NYPD and IAB over 400 views on scribd

FYI I was the victim of a violent crime at Dr. Andrew Fagelman's fixed by corrupt NYPD.  Read the lawsuit watch the YouTube...

The NYPD and IAB so corrupt I understand now by people do not bother with the NYPD and why they get guns and knives.
Delita Hooks is a violent liar protected by Dr. Andrew Fagelman and so far corrupt NYPD and in my opinion IAB who could have arrested her for assault and a false cross complaint as well as began displining NYPD involved but nothing except stonewalling.

I am not getting a gun or a knife but the far lawsuits against NYPD and IAB are filed and posted on scribed.

Schoolcraft lawsuit vs comp stat nypd

from thepolipit, 2442 views

Also note from Suzannah B. Troy:  The NYPD Ramos Trial starts in September along with the Adrian Schoolcraft trial..

If you look at my lawsuit front page
the NYPD fixed Dr Andrew Fagelman,
155 Spring St, Dr Fagelman's violent receptionist/office manager Delita Hooks assaulting me as well as protected her false cross complaint even preventing me from reporting Delita Hooks filed a false cross complaint which like Adrian Schoolcraft I recorded NYPD officers turning me away --

NYPD stats are like a Las Vegas Casino the fix is in.

Suzannah B. Troy

Reminder as far as Internal Affairs is concerned NYPD PBA fixing only goes on in the Bronx.

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